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Smart City Planning

& Design


Smart cities are the future, offering unlimited opportunities for smart government technology. GTS assists clients in all phases of smart city projects, from high-level strategic planning to infrastructure design services. Our services include smart street improvement plans, street lighting design, EV charging system design, fiber backbone planning and design, smart mobility services, and more. GTS brings together our understanding of smart technology solutions (what’s on the horizon) with community needs and goals (what’s in demand).


Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure


GTS works with cities and utility providers to remove barriers to EV adoption by supporting charging infrastructure needs. We facilitate the transition to next-generation infrastructure, including unlocking funding for charging infrastructure deployment. Our approach ensures that charging stations adhere to open-source data and interoperability standards while developing optimal EV-ready parking requirements. Key to our approach is engaging the right stakeholders on EV infrastructure deployment, including partnering with organizations with diverse representation from low-income and historically disadvantaged communities. 


Traffic Safety Video Analytics

A proactive approach is necessary to prevent crashes before they happen. That’s why GTS uses AI tools to identify near misses and other safety issues at locations where traffic conflicts have been reported. By leveraging camera footage that is typically used for traffic monitoring, we have developed a scalable process for flagging instances where vehicles get too close to each other. This allows us to provide data-driven recommendations to improve safety before collisions occur.


Geographic Information Systems

Transportation planning and traffic engineering are inherently spatial disciplines. That’s why GTS maintains robust GIS capabilities, leveraging versatile open-source software to produce highly accurate analyses and maps. From the analysis of large spatial datasets to GIS database maintenance, field data collection, and cartographic design, our team covers the geographic aspects of every project.


Modeling and Analytics


GTS keeps in sync with the latest developments in software, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to drive our analytical efforts, allowing us to deliver insights to our clients with greater efficiency and accuracy. From video analytics to building information modeling (BIM), data visualization, and interactive web interfaces, we use the right tools to provide data-driven strategies for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

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