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Electric Vehicle (EV)

Charging Infrastructure


GTS works with cities and utility providers to remove the barriers for EV adoption by supporting charging infrastructure needs. We facilitate the transition to next-generation infrastructure, including unlocking funding for charging infrastructure deployment. Our approach ensures that charging stations adhere to open-source data and interoperability standards while developing optimal EV-ready parking requirements. Key to our approach is engaging the right stakeholders on EV infrastructure deployment, including partnering with organizations with diverse representation from low-income and historically disadvantaged communities. 

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering
GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

Transit Signal Priority

GTS delivers proven solutions that focus on TSP (Transit Signal Priority), traffic signal network coordination and traffic control. These solutions leverage the most advanced software technology to effectively reduce congestion in city centers, save fuel and lower carbon emissions by enabling prioritized, faster and on-schedule bus and tram services.

Data Analytics


GTS provides a robust platform for the understanding of the movement of people indoors (for example within a transit station or multimodal hub) or outdoors (between various destinations). The platform uses WiFi data to measure citizen engagement and provide metrics such as Origin and Destination (OD) patterns, travel times and utilized routes, density of people, average time spent (waiting or moving), and affinity among others.

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering
Transit signal
Data Analytics
EV Charging Infrastructure
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