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GTS provides a range of advisory and technology-powered services to deliver next-generation transportation solutions for municipal, institutional and private clients.

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

As part of a commercial development project, GTS led the street lighting, signal modifications, signing and striping design services for this project, which included various off-site improvements including striping bicycle lanes along Washington Blvd. between Robertson and National. The street lighting included relocations, LED upgrades, and construction support and coordination on foundation design and utility conflicts.

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

As part of the B-permit, GTS prepared a new traffic signal design at Randall St. and Glenoaks Blvd. and modification plans for the intersections of Penrose St. and Bradley Ave. and Tuxford St. and Glenoaks Blvd. The plans depict all proposed and existing traffic signal equipment and loop detectors. The traffic signal plans also show proposed and existing traffic signal conduits, pull boxes, interconnect/video fiber, splice boxes, loop detectors, service feed, and proposed traffic signal phasing, as necessary. Additionally, traffic signal plans also reference existing, proposed, and (to be) removed pavement delineation, traffic signage, safety lighting, and utilities to accommodate the proposed traffic signal design modification and installation. The proposed traffic signal plans are designed at a scale of 1”=20’ per the LADOT standards and engineering requirements. GTS also prepared signing and striping and street lighting designs as part of this project.

Sun Valley Traffic Signal Design and Modifications, Los Angeles, CA

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

As part of the conditions of approval of a development project, GTS assisted the project architect with the signing and striping design along Red Hill Ave. in the City of Irvine.

GTS utilized aerial imagery and performed field review prior to the base and design preparation. The plans were prepared at 1:40 scale per the City’s agreed upon standards and requirements.

Timely approval of the project was ensured by utilizing the City’s web-based platform for planning and building applications.

8888 Washington Blvd. Signing, Striping, and Street Lighting, Culver City, CA

Red Hill Ave. Signing and Striping Design, Irvine, CA

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

GTS prepared the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) of this commercial development to evaluate the traffic and circulation impacts of the proposed project. GTS assessed the project study area conditions, project and background traffic, and opening year conditions. We proposed mitigation measures and addressed the City’s condition for limiting site access to one direction only. We showed that simple modifications of the center median would provide an opportunity for full site access from all directions. This was approved by the City, enhancing the project’s viability.

Nature’s Medicines Traffic Impact Analysis, Moreno Valley, CA

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

The Seneca Villas project in the City of Victorville proposed the development of 310 multifamily houses. GTS analyzed the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) based on the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) Transportation Analysis Model. GTS calculated the VMT per capita to assess the project impact for the opening and the horizon years. Our analysis showed that the project does not have any significant impacts based on the City’s thresholds, leading to a timely approval of the project.

Seneca Villas Residential Development, Victorville, CA

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

GTS carried out the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) analysis for the proposed industrial park in the City of Palmdale. The first phase of this two-phase development consisted of approximately 234,660 SF and the second phase was approximately 409,480 SF. GTS used the Los Angeles County Public Works – Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) Guidelines and conducted a detailed VMT analysis to evaluate the project. Our analysis showed no project impacts and we worked with the City to obtain a quick approval of our findings.

Rancho Vista Industrial Park, Palmdale, CA

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

As part of the conditions of approval of a proposed residential development at the northwest corner of Arlington Ave and Lincoln Ave, GTS carried out the signal design, signing and striping, and streetlight design services. The scope of work consisted of designing a new traffic signal at the intersection, replacing the overhead-fed streetlights and undergrounding power feeds, and installing one new underground-fed streetlight along the Lincoln Ave frontage. The project involved Southern California Edison (SCE) coordination.

Arlington and Lincoln Street Lighting Design, Torrance, CA

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

As part of the City’s CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) on-call, GTS conducted a peer review of the Traffic Impact Study (TIS) of the Everett Street Terraces project to ensure that the technical report is adequate for supporting the analysis, findings, and conclusions of the Traffic/Transportation section of the environmental document. The TIS was evaluated in accordance with the City’s criteria and standards, as well as industry standards set forth by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM), and other applicable entities.

City of Moorpark Environmental On-Call, Traffic Impact Studies Peer Review

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