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GTS applies tested principles, creative and innovative thinking, and out-of-the-box tools and products to enhance our mobility… and life.


We support our clients throughout the project lifecycle, from project scoping to stakeholder engagement, through the design stage to final approval and implementation.  

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Impact Studies

Traffic Operations

Signing and Striping

Traffic Signal Design

Lighting Design and PhotometricsSafety Countermeasures


Parking Management Plans

Parking Operations Analysis

Shared Parking Studies

Policy and Service Studies

Design and Circulation

Multi-modal Transportation Planning

Transit Station Area Plans

Pedestrian and Bicycle Plans

Complete Streets

Local Road Safety Plans

Traffic Calming Plans

Specific and General Plans

Corridor Studies

Technology Applications

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Smart City Planning and Design

Transit Signal Priority

Mobility-as-a-Service Applications

EV Charging Infrastructure

Fiber Optic System Design & Integration

Traffic Data Analytics

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering


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