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GTS capitalizes on available technologies to deliver next-generation services to public and private clients. With a passion for improving the safety and effectiveness of transportation systems using the latest technologies, GTS provides mobility solutions for all travel modes: pedestrian, micro-mobility (bicycles, scooters, etc.), automobile, freight, public transit, and more.

GTS provides a range of advisory and technology-powered services to deliver next-generation transportation solutions to municipal, institutional, and private clients.



We assist cities and counties of all sizes with their mobility needs, from simple signal warrant analysis to intersection design, signing and striping, signal timing plans, street lighting, parking studies, collision analysis, traffic calming, bicycle and pedestrian facility design, and corridor studies. A key GTS differentiator is leveraging advanced software in our service offerings.



GTS assists schools, hospitals, universities, ports, and campuses in enhancing their site circulation and accessibility. We provide feasibility studies and master planning support, coordinating with local jurisdictions as needed. Our past projects have included parking studies, traffic circulation, pedestrian and bicycle connectivity, travel demand management, and shuttle services.

Land Development

GTS partners with environmental consultants, planners, engineers, architects, and builders to assist on the transportation and traffic elements of land development. Our work has ranged from trip generation and shared parking analysis to developing the mobility elements of general, specific and master plans. We understand the important connection between land use planning and transportation systems. GTS promotes livability and sustainability in its approach.


Transportation Technology

GTS helps transportation technology vendors bring their ideas and products to the market faster. We work with technology vendors to clarify their value propositions, identify the target audiences, and help position their offerings. We capitalize on our understanding of mobility needs and the corresponding opportunities, as well as intimate knowledge of government processes, to deliver win-win solutions.

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