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GTS provides a range of advisory and technology-powered services to deliver next-generation transportation solutions for municipal, institutional and private clients.

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

GTS has supported the California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) campus on various projects ranging from a campus-wide parking needs assessment to traffic engineering feasibility studies and designs. Most recently, GTS assisted CSUDH with creating a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) calculator to provide preliminary VMT calculations as part of the feasibility assessment of planned development scenarios. The calculator relied on the 2016 SCAG RTP/SCS SCAG model for trip lengths and on the 10th edition of ITE Trip Generation Manual for trip rates. The VMT calculator was developed in MS Excel, a platform that is simple, easy to use, and quick compared to the travel model approach. It can be used to test and compare impacts of multiple land uses and quantities.

CSU Dominguez Hills VMT Analysis Services

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

GTS managed the Local All-Hazard Mitigation Plan for Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency (LA Metro). GTS also provided GIS mapping of the critical assets and planning services as part of the hazards identification and mitigation process. 

The plan enables LA Metro to apply for federal grants that are available only to public entities and institutions with FEMA-approved Hazard Mitigation Plans. The project included four planning team meetings to support a plan approved by the California Office of Emergency Services as well as FEMA.

Los Angeles Metro Local All-Hazard Mitigation Plan

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

GTS carried out the Transportation Analysis for the GCCD EIR (Environmental Impact Review). GCCD is comprised of three campuses across the City of Glendale and the greater-Glendale community: the Verdugo Campus, the Garfield Campus, and the Montrose Campus. Together, the campuses currently serve a student population of more than 25,000 students.

GTS’s work included scoping the project with the City, carrying out trip generation, distributions, and assignments, transportation impact analysis, developing mitigation measures, preparing documents, and assisting in project meetings. Our analysis included both the traditional level of service analysis as well as the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) analysis methodology per Senate Bill 743 (SB 743).

Glendale Community College District (GCCD) EIR Transportation Analysis

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

GTS supported the Long Beach Airport design team with planning and design services for the consolidated rental car facility, the ground transportation center, and roadway and curbside improvements that enhance the experience of its travelers.

GTS assessed the number of lanes needed to access the rental car facility, the lane arrangement within the parking, the parking stall dimensions, parking aisles and internal circulation to ensure efficient and safe operations. GTS also advised on overall roadway traffic circulation and striping.

Long Beach Airport – Preliminary Traffic and Parking Analysis and Design Services

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) recently carried out a Master Plan Update that identified various opportunities to transform the campus to meet student population growth over the next 20 years. The university is also in the middle of delivering on various projects that add new facilities or upgrade existing buildings to enhance the experience of students, staff, and faculty. In support of the university’s efforts, GTS was commissioned to carry-out various traffic engineering and parking studies that included:

  • Providing a strategic campus-wide parking analysis focusing on the anticipated growth 

  • Assessing the relocation of the Transit Zone/Hub, which is required to accommodate the ongoing construction staging needs/activities

  • Analyzing the traffic circulation and parking considerations of proposed parking structures, among others

California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) Traffic Analysis and Campus-Wide Parking 

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

GTS assisted Notre Dame High School with the school’s Master Plan Update. The purpose of the Master Plan was primarily to enhance the student experience. It included various components, prime among which are a practice gymnasium, a theater expansion from 100 to 200 seats, addition of administrative space, future classroom building, STEM Center renovation, a cafeteria/banquet hall, and a parking structure that will consolidate 183 parking spaces.

GTS carried out a parking and traffic analysis, per the requirements of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT), to assess the project’s impacts on the adjacent transportation systems and recommended mitigation measures. We assisted the campus in the overall planning process and exploring alternatives, as well as in Planning Commission hearings.

Notre Dame High School Traffic Impact and Parking Analysis

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