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GTS provides a range of advisory and technology-powered services to deliver next-generation transportation solutions for municipal, institutional and private clients.

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

GTS is leading the Southern California Regional Integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems (RIITS) Strategic Plan Update and Roadmap. The RIITS program is managed by Metro and its purpose is to deliver multimodal transportation information services through a flexible platform to achieve regional mobility, safety, and sustainability goals.

The GTS team started by evaluating the existing conditions and emerging trends. This is followed by identifying regional concerns and system gaps, as well as the program’s strategic direction through a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process. These tasks will lead to developing the program’s vision and mission. as well as goals and strategies. The strategies will then be organized into an implementation plan that defines the program’s actions for the next five to 10 years.

RIITS Strategic Plan Update and Roadmap

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

As part of a transportation technology solution development effort for a Transit Signal Priority solution, GTS researched the number and type of controllers as well as firmware for 70 US cities and 50 US states. The project started with the largest 150 cities and worked to obtain the 70 data points from the list of largest 150 cities.

Signal Controllers Research 

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

GTS prepared the lighting and electric vehicle (EV) charging plans, specifications, and estimates for the Emergency Shelter Parking Lot in the City of Pomona.
The project included site investigations, background data gathering, coordination with adjacent development, photometric analysis, and coordination with the City, as well as coordination with the landscape architect on the electric service for irrigation.

GTS also designed the power and communications infrastructure for the security system. Designs included plans, specifications, quantities, and cost estimates.

Emergency Shelter Parking Lot Lighting and EV Charging Stations Design, City of Pomona 

Los Angeles Metro Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Emerging Trends Research

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

GTS worked with the City of Commerce on analyzing the Mixmaster Intersection, which is a critical component of the City’s transportation network, connecting both sides of the City across the I-5 freeway. 

GTS assisted the City to enhance the safety, capacity, accessibility, and mobility of the Mixmaster Intersection with in-depth multimodal analysis. We explored alternative concepts that would improve overall safety and operational aspects without expanding or widening roadways. The project is (big) data-guided and examines the mix of traffic, signal timing, roadway striping, minor physical improvements, and improved signage, along with other innovative ideas pertaining to operations and management. The project made use of Google API data as well as drone data for modeling purposes.

City of Commerce Mixmaster Intersection Analysis and Conceptual Design

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

As part of this complete streets project, GTS provided communications and EV charging stations design services. The project included installing conduits, 432 strands of fiber, innerduct products for future expansion, pull boxes, splice vaults, and distribution cabinets. The major project goals included: bringing fiber to the Design District along all major commercial corridors; tying the new fiber to the datacenter at City Hall and the existing fiber along Santa Monica Blvd. and San Vicente Blvd. to create a resilient fiber loop; bringing fiber into all traffic cabinets in the Design District; bringing fiber into all City bus shelters and bus stops; and bringing fiber to all light poles and/or smart poles that will be used for Wi-Fi access points and other Smart City applications.


Melrose Complete Street Communications and EV Charging Stations Design, City of West Hollywood 

GTS - Transportation Planning Traffic Engineering

As part of the Los Angeles Metro Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), GTS conducted a review of emerging and innovative trends and technologies relevant to the plan. These ranged from autonomous vehicles, to shared mobility, curbside asset management, electric vehicles, among others. We also research strategies for bus speed improvements along key arterial corridors.


GTS also assisted LA Metro with COVID intervention strategies under the LRTP process.

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