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Transportation Project Manager

Location: Southern California

Overview: GTS seeks a project manager focused on land use transportation projects and multimodal transportation planning. This position includes preparing CEQA documents, working on specific and general plans, and reviewing multimodal site plans. The ideal candidate will have experience with transportation analysis under CEQA, multimodal transportation planning, and the effects of land use projects on various travel modes.

Growth Opportunities: Rising to higher levels of technical proficiency, management and leadership.


Mentoring Opportunities: Mentoring and training junior and entry-level staff.

 Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Managing multi-modal projects and developing quality relationships

  • Communicating with project team members including municipality staff, private developers, other consultants, decision-makers, and the general public

  • Analyzing and solving land use transportation planning and engineering problems

  • Working on a variety of projects from multimodal transportation impact studies transportation sections of CEQA documents, campus plans, impact fee studies, and local and regional transportation plans

  • Mentoring and training colleagues while receiving mentorship from senior staff

Position Requirements:

  • Excellent technical communication skills (writing and public speaking)

  • Over 7 years of direct, relevant work experience in preparing transportation sections of CEQA documents and land use-transportation planning documents

  • Understanding of operations analysis and travel demand forecasting

  • Experience with project management and marketing is highly desired

  • Bachelor's degree in transportation or civil engineering, urban and regional planning, or a related major


If you have a passion for excellence and want to make a difference for our clients and continue learning, we want to hear from you. We are looking for talented, energetic professionals who want to share their expertise and come grow with GTS. Apply today.

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